Hola! We are Alín and Zeke (or “Team Alike” as we affectionately refer to ourselves).

We met online some years ago through a language leaning app called HelloTalk. Zeke always had an interest in travel and knowing more about Spanish countries and culture. Knowing the native language made this easier. So he decided to self-teach himself the Spanish through a multitude of approaches.
Alín took the more formal route and studied English through accredited courses. While preparing for her C1 exam, she realized preparing for an accredited English language test and needed a native speaker to practice with.

After some time living together in Canada, we decided to return to Spain and make Alín’s family’s summer villa our home.

We initially started calling our new home Casa Espánada, Espánada being a fusion of España and Canada. However, of all the things we love about our lives together and also a means to connect our two countries..

Our goal with this site is to share a little of our life and promote all the wonderful things Spain has to offer through three key themes: “Live” captures elements of life and living in our home and surrounding areas. “Learn” is focused on educating people about things such as history, environment, etc. “Love” reflects the passion we have for the people, culture, food, music, etc.

Please drop us a line or visit one of our social media sites. We’d love to have comments and feedback.

Zeke y Alín